Badmintonøvelser er gjenopptatt

Badmintonøvelser er gjenopptatt

Badminton exercises of the Norwegian Tamil Sangam have resumed

The exercises take place every Tuesday (19:00 – 22:30), Thursday (16:00 – 19:30) and Friday (time will be announced soon) at the brand new Nordbyhallen Indoor Stadium in Rommen.

The coach, coached by Norges Badminton Forbund, will be training on Thursdays.

We would like to inform you that our Badminton Division is registered with the Norges Badminton Forbund and operates in association with the Badminton Clubs of this country.

Young people will be given priority. Norges Badminton Forbund offers excellent training guides for young people who play well.

It is noteworthy that in our Badminton Association, people other than Tamils ​​also participate.

Conditions for playing badminton

Must be a member of Tamil Sangam.
The monthly fee is 90 crores (for 10 months).
This amount includes badminton, insurance, Seriekamp avgift, coach fees, and indoor ground expenses.

Contact: Sukirta Panchalingam 99568120

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